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VOA to Help with Affordable Housing for DC Families

Jon Schorsch

· Affordable Housing
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For most of his career, Jon Schorsch worked in law enforcement with Seattle, Washington police department. After retiring, Jon Schorsch worked with the Volunteers of America (VOA) organization, where he participated in an internship with the organization’s mediation clinic.

The VOA is an organization with a simple mission to help others and has done so for 125 years in various ways, including providing housing assistance. In April 2021, the VOA announced that the Washington DC Mayor for Planning and Economic Development selected its National Services (VOANS) arm to provide affordable housing to its residents.

As a member of the development team on the Washington DC project, VOANS will help build mixed-income, affordable houses near Langston & Slater Schools. The Langston & Slater Schools once educated African-American children in the 1800s and 1900s but have not been used in 25 years.

Once completed, the nearby project will culminate in 55 new for-sale and rental units for District residents. Located along 33-45 P Street, the housing project will consist of townhomes and multi-family rentals. The project will also provide historic preservation and community services to the rapidly expanding neighborhood.