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Starbucks Promotes Diversity and Inclusion Via Multifaceted Approach

Jon Schorsch

· Diversity Mentorship
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John Schorsch is a retired police officer at the Seattle, Washington Police Department, with years of experience. Since June of 2016, John Schorsch has participated in Starbucks’ Diversity Mentorship Program. The Diversity Mentorship Program is one of the company’s many measures to promote diversity and inclusion.

In October 2020, in an article posted on its website, Starbucks outlined its plans to increase diversity in retail and executive positions, and to reach out to business partners from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. By 2025, Starbucks aims to fill at least 30 percent of its executive positions with members of the BIPOC (black, indigenous, or people of color) community, and 40 percent of retail positions with members of these same groups. Starting in the first quarter of 2021, Starbucks made completion of anti-bias training required for vice presidential positions and higher.

In the same article Starbucks also detailed new procedures to track its equity and diversity efforts. It reaffirmed its promise to publish its workforce diversity data, and to inform the public of its progress to achieve its goals in its annual reports. In the first quarter of 2021 the company added a Diversity and Inclusion Executive Counsel and financial incentives to its executive compensation program for creating diverse leadership teams.

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